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Let's Talk About Eating Smart

Keeping well-fueled and well-hydrated goes a long way towards helping many forms of #neuropathy and #pain PLUS the big payback - often dramatic improvements in quality of life!

The biggest mistake far too many people are making in this day and age is over complicating this. Instead of choosing fresh, inexpensive, and unprocessed foods, we run for processed, packaged or pre-prepared take-out, funky labels, and fads.

This unhealthy eating can eventually lead to disease and illness like #diabetes, #heart disease and even #cancer. If you already suffer from these or their associated #neuropahy you are really setting yourself up for more difficult management.

As we evaluate patients, we are absolutely shocked at what too many people are not only eating but actually spending for foods that are either significantly processed, or downright unhealthy.

Typical items in this category include not just boxed, frozen or packaged items but cleverly marketed powders, shakes, drinks or those dietary "supplements" containing multiple products, with unknown interactions with each other and quite possibly medications as well.

In addition to being expensive, this can be downright dangerous! In fact, we have seen some diet "shakes" actually cause neuropathy!

As you know, we write extensively on this site about the value of whole food, plant based diet. You'll find lots here on our site as well as social media tips and videos.

Ultimately this comes down to our choices and behaviors. Eating well does not have to be complicated or expensive. Save take out and eating out for special occasions.

Next time you go food shopping carefully consider what is going home with you! Think simple, unprocessed and inexpensive.

This is one change you will never regret!!!

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