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Direct Primary Care-The Wellness Physicians-Time for A New Revolution

By its very nature, the practice of Direct Primary Care (DPC) is wellness driven. Easy affordable physician (yes Physician not mid-level) access, deeply personal doctor/patient relationships and cost controlled by its very nature. Because of the close doctor patient relationship, screenings do not get any better than what we are able to do. Patients are comfortable talking with us and building long term relationships.

We also provide point of care testing, direct connections, and personalized service as well as pharmacy connections that are unbeatable.

Medicine does not get any better than this for both doctors and patients. For many patients and their families, we are the brightest spaces in their lives. When we read about today's world in the popular media, DPC is the antithesis of what health care in the USA has become.

The reality is, however, the media refuses to tell our story with rare exception. Yes there are some shifts by and large but man do we have a long way to go.

One of the things I admire most about DPC Docs is persistence. Some days are certainly more challenging than others.

Let us never give up spreading the word about what real health is and the tremendous value having a personal family physician you can count on daily actually is.

It is so Important that physicians lead this wellness revolution. We must maintain prominence in the media both on and offline. Too often, health coaches with little to no professional education are more top of mind than a patient’s personal physician, largely because of a distrust in medicine due to prior experiences.

DPC is in fact the Wellness Revolution American needs. Let us be sure we are living this role for all to see!

And for physicians, having fun doing what you love every single day without third party eyes on us at every single turn is simply the best. I will continue to share this life changing mantra with med students and residents, and I know you will too!

Direct Primary Care-The Wellness Physicians
Direct Primary Care-The Wellness Physicians

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