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"Why don't you accept my insurance Dr. Hayes?"

Updated: Jan 29

Why don't you accept my insurance Dr. Hayes?
Why don't you accept my insurance Dr. Hayes?

"Why don't you accept my insurance Dr. Hayes? What is DPC (Direct Primary Care)?" This is a question I get every day. The biggest reason I chose DPC is I get to focus on practicing medicine like my personal physicians and mentors did for me and so many others for years without the administrative burden, demands and enormous stress now leveled on Physicians by third parties and corporations. How to my patients feel? In addition to low cost, my patients tell me they like the convenience, accessibility, and highly personalized care that I get to provide. This style practice results in proper appointment times for you and your family and much more personalized medical care and treatment. Today I talk about some of the highlights between DPC and traditional Primary Care many people are not familiar with. Physicians in traditional Primary Care practices spend so much of their time just charting, filing, billing, and processing insurance claims, denials, prior authorizations, you name it. This is great for corporations that maximally bill and pay their CEO's millions. But many patients can't even get Doctor's appointments or if they do, there is a huge wait or they don't even get to see a Physician!!! So many patients think this whole way of obtaining care is cheaper than a membership in our practice until, they add up lost time from work, copays, non covered services, deductibles, new add on fees or the killer for many, urgent care. DPC has eliminated this administrative burden for myself and my team, allowing me to spend much more time simply caring for my patients. I do not need to employ as many staff for billing and administrative tasks. This allows me to focus on providing you the highest quality patient care without dealing with complex and expensive billing processes which now prohibit many physicians who otherwise would still be in private practice. This reduced administrative burden and increased predictability allows me to avoid the long hours after patient time and the sheer stress and increasing BS associated with traditional paid models. This makes the care in my practice more accessible and convenient for patients. With more time available for each patient, together you and I alone can decide to prioritize your unique needs and desires including preventive care and wellness. There are no corporate "oversights" or "metrics" I need to meet to stay employed by a large group or third party. This so often leads to improved health outcomes for my patients and for me far greater satisfaction that I am always doing what's best and what I love to do for my patients! I also have the flexibility to offer a very wide range of services above and beyond traditional Primary Care, including virtual visits and extended appointments, Laser and Sofwave Pain and Neuropathy treatment, spinal and Orthopedic manual therapies, nutrition counselling and lifestyle medicine. The practice of Medicine in this way aligns with my values ​​including providing high-quality, patient-centered care without the restrictions imposed by third-party payers.

If this style medicine resonates with you too, learn much more about your options while I still have new patient openings HERE ~ We Are Here for You

Are you a patient? You don’t need to be alone in your pursuit of well-being. Our team is always available to help. If you'd like to schedule the next evaluation to find out which options are likely best for you, just go HERE.


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