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Is This Treatment Effective?

This is one of the questions we get quite often not only from patients but also from physicians and physical therapists who are new at treating patients with chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy. It’s also very important to understand one of the basic concepts common to many patients with the most common types of neuropathy and chronic pain pain is that laboratory and diagnostic tests are often completely normal. Sometimes, there are only very slight abnormalities which are misinterpreted or remain a point of confusion for both the doctor and the patient. There are also tests like EMGs and nerve conduction studies, and sometimes even these are normal or nearly so. All of this makes accurately evaluating effective neuropathy and pain treatments a real specialty. Let me share a secret with you. The real measure of your treatment progress usually comes down to the examination skills of your treating physician. Even despite extensive technology, a thorough examination is still the most important element of getting great care! Furthermore your doctor must have excellent record keeping systems so he or she can retrieve your information on a moments notice. So much needs to be reported, like your range of motion, sensation to touch, temperature, and vibration. Also your ability to walk on your heels and toes and so much more.

All of these things can tell us so much about your progress but in the end...The real measure of your treatment progress often times comes down to the examination and skills of your doctor.

You see, there is no one size fits all approach that works well. The more difficult your case the more this is true. The best trained physicians have multiple tool and approaches to draw from, and fellow physicians to consult when necessary.

We pride ourselves on personalized attention and care for all our patients. We'll provide the same for you and your family too.

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