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The NDGen® Neurostimulator

*available only in our licensed treatment centers

The NDGen® is an advanced FDA-approved neurostimulator with proprietary programming unlike any other electrotherapy device. It is wearable, portable and best of all programmable for your unique pain and neuropathy relief.


Device, Electrodes, Case, Charger, Leads, and Instruction Booklet included with purchase.

It is wearable, portable, and best of all programmable for your unique pain and neuropathy relief. Now in its second generation this system has more usable power, integral rechargeable battery and easy to use treatment accessories for hands, feet, spine and orthopedic issues.

This unit was designed by our team over an 18-month period incorporating the latest unique-to-use features including unique neurostimulator and pain reducing features. You can not buy this system anywhere else.

This is the same device used in our landmark study for neuropathy patients published in the Medical Journal EC Neurology. In fact, this recent research study demonstrated almost universal relief in all patients using this system as designed.

By purchasing your NDGen® system you’ll also become a lifetime Reception Room Member where you will get complete support, training videos, answers to applications and questions PLUS save 10% on all future and related supply orders! *Compare this and everything you get VERY carefully with devices costing SO MUCH more, with NO Support! 

*If you have a pacemaker, arrhythmia or seizure disorder DO NOT use electric stim units of any kind. Instead, we may suggest one of several other neuropathy treatment devices we have available for home usage.

Need personalized help?

Just email us 24/7


Having my very own NDGen system has been a blessing.

"I am absolutely amazed at how many times I have been able to relieve my aches and pains in my own home.  It is without a doubt, my all time favorite birthday gift I could have gotten."

-L. Zigler

The goal of eliminating all the pain in my feet was met after 2 1/2 weeks of treatment, the pain is GONE!

"The office was great and staff gets an A+ without a doubt!"

-K. Held

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