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Here Are Some Good Reasons To Use Meditation Daily: Meditation is a free wellness tool with enormous benefits when done daily that you can use anytime and anywhere.

And it’s not as complicated as you might think. It might surprise you to hear that meditation can be an effective home treatment for many types of pain. Maybe it doesn’t seem like something that would be an accepted treatment, like medications or other traditional approaches to chronic pain. In fact, there is a type of meditation that is actually considered to be evidence-based. In other words, multiple studies have looked at this method and seen positive results for chronic pain. A program called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction has been used in many renowned hospitals and medical centers, incorporating a type of mindfulness meditation that focuses on noticing thoughts and sensations without judgment. There are books and tapes available about this program, but you don’t even need that kind of specialized training to begin using meditation for wellness on your own.

Mindfulness meditation, simple, regular relaxation works to help with chronic pain, especially when combined with the home care tools we advocate (NDGen, home laser and Infrared, and so many other drug and injection free systems our patients have access to.)

This is something so missing from our current world for so many.

I urge you not to make this complicated. Simple simple. Find your quiet happy space and be there as often as you can. Without distractions or any devices.

Do this multiple times daily whenever possible and ignore all the BS being promoted elsewhere.

You'll be very glad if you follow this plan. Simple, free, no apps, clubs or classes.

Then watch your life change for the better!


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