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Risks vs Benefits

In all of #medicine in fact you could argue most of life, our best “decisions” are made by considering risks versus benefits.

As adults we ask ourselves and teach our children, do our actions today set us up for a healthier and better future or not?

What if we take no action at all? Is that better than doing something? If we take the next step, is the upside better than the alternative?

And when it comes to our health, who and what are we actually, watching, reading or listening to?

What about my daily habits, and do I fully understand what they may be doing to help or harm me? Now this could be diet, substance use, fitness or lack of exercise and so much more.

We too often forget that our daily habits have the biggest impact on our health risks.

You see everything we do, whether lifestyle, a procedure, drug or supplement and sometimes electing no treatment is risks versus benefits.

All of these are decisions that we need to make along with our personal #physician on a regular basis.

Without a doubt, lifestyle is the very best place to begin.

This is the cornerstone of #lifestylemedicine and why we do what we do!

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