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Injection Free Pain Management

Injection free pain management What is it and why should I consider it?

Just as the name implies injection free basically means we're not piercing the skin or any body parts to inject pain medication or provide relief of pain. "Well how does it work?" We basically use technology that doesn't involve piercing the skin. This includes laser, can sometimes include ultrasound, can include softwave therapy and a whole host of other advances which go a long way towards diminishing chronic pain and acute pain as well. The other thing to understand is that these modalities don't carry the risk of infection or medication side effects because injections aren't involved and neither is medication on that particular level. Also just weaving this into Primary Care helps us manage pain far better than you probably have been able to have before. We also know from long-standing research that the most common reason people develop chronic pain is not taking care of a new or acute problem when it presents.

Ladies and gentlemen our team is here to help! Questions, concerns all you need to do is reach out, schedule a meet and greet. Let's sit down let's talk. We can introduce you to the technologies we have. You can actually see the laser machines you, can see the softwave machine and so on.

Lets talk! Call or TEXT 781-659-7989

John Hayes Jr., MD

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