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John Hayes Jr MD on Providing Truly Integrated Healthcare

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

What does it mean to be able to provide truly Integrative Health Care? I'm going to give you an example true story patient comes in with headache on physical examination they have a sinus infection they also have some fluid in the ears they also have neck pain stiffness limited range of motion and ringing in the ears. What do you do? Well if you went to Urgent Care you get antibiotics after waiting for God knows how long. In our practice instead what happened is after a thorough assessment of the patient we prescribed the antibiotics for him but before he left he had manual therapy to the spine. In addition he had some infrared therapy to help calm down the symptoms in the head as well as other osteopathic techniques that were done to minimize and eliminate pain. Oh by the way we also added some nutrition support! This is truly integrative comprehensive healthcare! If this is the type of health care that you really want to participate in I urge you contact while we still have openings! Just go HERE to get scheduled. You can also call or TEXT (preferred) 781-659-7989 Thanks so much! I look forward to talking you too! John Hayes Jr MD

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