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Preventing Chronic Pain

Most of us are very familiar with acute pain that is the pain of a cut, bruise, or even childbirth. Fortunately, acute pain is relatively short-lived, and not imprinted firmly upon our nervous systems.

Chronic pain however has a way of becoming deeply embedded and tripped very easily, setting up deep circuits within the brain and nervous system, which can be difficult to change.

Unfortunately, no one medication or therapy is usually the answer once chronic pain has set in. Unfortunately, with narcotics, each successive dose becomes less effective than the previous, and setting up the pathway for over dosage and abuse.

The best alternative is to first jump on any new injury or illness with pain as soon as possible. It is vital with any new condition or injury to reduce pain quickly, and much it as much as possible with nondrug methods.

This is why seeking therapy soon after injury or onset of a condition like shingles or neuropathy or even headaches and back pain can produce much better long-term treatment results!

This is also the time to use powerful non-drug treatment methods including physical therapy modalities such as massage and manual therapy and the various forms of electric neurostimulation, and even laser therapy.

The most important take away from this discussion is to use every non-drug tool available as soon after the onset of injury or illness as possible.

This helps explain why our customized home care kits we regularly outfit our patients with can be so very powerful in helping avoid drug dependence and lessening the chances of developing chronic pain.

So remember, anything you can learn to do to better manage your neuropathy and chronic pain with nondrug methods will lead to a far better long term outcome!

Our team is here to help. Just reach out by Chat or TEXT and we'll help you any way we can!

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