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Simplify Your Care With Us

It's hard to believe how quickly our medical, neuropathy and orthopedic laser practice is growing thanks to wonderful people like you. These simple tips will simplify your care with us.

First and foremost, thank you!

We have had so many calls and questions here's an update you can save that could be helpful moving forward. If I missed something or you have additional questions let me know.

BIGGEST NEWS JUST IN TODAY: We now have available no or low interest financing & payment plans for neuropathy and laser care plans!

Here are the bullet points to simplify your care with us!

  • Office Hours are Monday-Thursday and as available Friday by appointment only. Virtual video and phone visits are available for all members. Please TEXT before 5:30 PM for any acute care needs.

  • The best way to contact us about appointment's, starting a care plan or to schedule as a new or returning patient is by texting our office number direct: (781)-659-7989 If you would like to refer someone to our office, have them message us at that number.

  • *For any personal health concerns once enrolled, please use the patient app for privacy as messages here and any emails are permanently entered into your medical record.

  • The best way for you to order supplies is to order from home by using our Quick Order Form @ Don’t forget your discount code! To avoid a shipping charge just, choose “Pick Up” at checkout and grab your order from our office! Anything in stock will be ready by your appointment, while anything not in stock will be ordered and delivered to the office ASAP.

  • If you have enrolled as an active patient and not yet registered online, please go to and set up an account. Please download the Apple or Google App as well: Patient App.

  • *Lastly, If you have yet to enroll or schedule an analysis or care plan, we encourage you to do so now while there is greatest availability.

Any care plan or practice concerns you have at all please speak up immediately! Email is great for privacy and lengthier concerns.

Thank you for being part of our private practice!

Dr. John Hayes Jr & Team

Simplify Your Care With Us
Simplify Your Care With Us

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