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20 Pieces of The Longevity Lifestyle

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Sure, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you live a longer and healthier life. In this upside-down world, however, too many lose sight of the basics. It's not the latest, fad, guru, TV show, social media star, new magic supplement, shake, or powder. Here are 20 pieces of the longevity lifestyle.

1. Balanced diet:

Focus on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Avoid processed foods, sugary snacks, and excess sodium.

2. Stay hydrated:

Drink plenty of clean, filtered water throughout the day avoiding plastics as much as possible to support various bodily functions.

3. Exercise regularly:

Engage in regular physical activity. Try to combine aerobic exercise (such as walking, running, swimming) and strength training to improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility.

4. Get enough sleep:

Prioritize quality sleep. Aim to get 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep each night to support your overall health.

5. Stress Management:

Practice stress reduction techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga or mindfulness to manage stress and promote mental health.

6. Social connections:

Maintain strong social connections. Spending time with friends and family can have a positive effect on mental and emotional health.

7. Limit alcohol and avoid smoking:

If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation. Avoid smoking or using tobacco products. 8. Regular health check:

Schedule regular visits with a physician for checkups, screenings, and vaccinations.

9. Stimulating the brain:

Keep your brain active with activities like reading, solving puzzles, learning new skills, and engaging in intellectually stimulating conversations. Cultivate a positive attitude towards life. Surround yourself with uplifting influences and practice gratitude.

11. Health and Safety:

Follow good hygiene practices, such as frequent hand washing and prioritizing safety to avoid accidents and injuries.

12. Moderation and portion control:

Pay attention to portion sizes to avoid overeating. Eating right is essential to maintaining a healthy weight.

13. Sun protection:

Outside time is crucial. During peak times of the day or prolonged exposures use sunscreen (we urge you to use mineral based without harmful compounds) and wear protective clothing and glasses.

Here are 20 pieces of the longevity lifestyle.
Here are 20 pieces of the longevity lifestyle.

14. Keep the spirit active:

Engage in activities that challenge your mind, such as solving puzzles, learning a new instrument, or a new hobby.

15. Maintain daily oral health and keep your living space clean.

16. Cultivate healthy relationships:

Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who encourage and uplift you. 17. Smile often:

Laughter has been shown to have positive effects on mental and physical health. Find time to engage in activities that make you laugh and bring you joy.

18. Stay curious:

Maintain a sense of curiosity about the world around you. Keep learning, discovering and trying new things.

19. Regular relaxation:

Incorporate relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or gentle stretching to manage stress and promote relaxation.

20. Practice gratitude:

Take time regularly to appreciate the positive aspects of your life. Gratitude has been linked to improved mental health.

Remember that it's important to make gradual and lasting changes that work for you. Consult your personal physician before making any major lifestyle changes, especially if you have any underlying health conditions. 

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