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Radiant Health Monday

Updated: Jan 15

Man can January be challenging! But not in our Practice where it is Radiant Health Month! We have dedicated some extra time and help the next few days during Radiant Health Month including the Monday holiday just to help you and your family!

Before I get to that though, I'd like to explain more about why our Family & Lifestyle Medicine Practice is DPC or what is now known as Direct Primary Care. Here are some true stories from our prior years in health care:

1. We send patient Sandy out for important for lab tests. Turns out, an insurance company decides the tests were not "Medically Necessary". Patient gets a bill for non covered services for about $300. Keep in mind, the patient had insurance, so that is what they wanted billed for "payment".

Now it turns these very same labs could have been ordered outside insurance, and the patient payment would be about 1/4 the cost of the current bill.

2. Jane goes to the hospital, has an MRI done there. Turns out the bill was well over $4000, billed to Jane due to a "deductible" Her husband Jim needs an MRI, we order it for him at a private center as direct pay, and guess how much his bill was? Under $700.

3, Lastly and now an every day occurrence, Sally needs to see her PCP because of something discovered on a recent exam. Sally calls PCP. Is told, "'s 6 weeks if you'll see a nurse, or its about 12 weeks to see the doctor." Or the best one yet get "Primary Care" without a Physician!!!

Should I go on?

Turns out, the average patient now pays well over $2400/year out of their own pocket for health care every year on top of "insurance benefits".

In a Family this is Per Person!

Now make no mistake, We ALL NEED health insurance in case of accidents and major illnesses.

But for most of our frequent health care needs patients often feel abused with absolutely no end in sight.

Enter South Shore Direct Primary Care & NMS Medicine.

John as your Direct Primary Care Physician only works for YOU, not politicians, the government or any third party.

You meet with John (NOT an NP or PA) each visit. Practice Members get seen ASAP, the same or next business day. Or if it's easier or you are traveling, you do a secure remote video or phone visit!

You can Text us urgent questions and get an ASAP reply, and email personal issues to us right through a secure App at your finger tips at all times.

You can access many drugs often for less than the cost of a typical "co-pay".

You get lab and pharmacy's priority orders, urgent care and sick visits included, Family and Lifestyle Medicine and counselling, Telephone and Video Visits, simple dermatology procedures, joint and spine care, and so much more health care all are available in the same practice.

You can even bring your kids or grand kids in to be seen ASAP as well.

And the cost right now? Less than $200/month!

For years and years we had many patients paying much more than that each week for co-payments and many hundreds more if they had a deductible or required "Non-Covered" services.

Specialty care, manual therapy services, laser/pain management and more new technologies like Softwave are all available options. Never any co-pays or financial surprises often for less than you would be paying for weekly co-pays.

This is Direct Primary Care. Thanks for listening and we look forward to helping you and your family for years to come!

If you'd like to be part of this style health care with John as your PCP while there are slots open, with our Radiant Health Month Promotion you can SAVE up to $197 through 5PM Monday January 15th ONLY. You'll meet with Dr. Hayes first and mutually decide which level of membership is best for you! You can even enroll your spouse and family and SAVE even more!!!

All you need to do next is simply Enroll HERE

It takes about 10 minutes and you can even do it on your phone! Once completed, we'll contact you to schedule a next available enrollment exam FREE but only until 5PM Monday January 15th and only as spaces remain open.


Radiant Health Monday
Radiant Health Monday

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