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I Provide You & Your Family Highly Personalized 
Direct Primary Care in a Relaxed, Comfortable  Setting.

We Are a Family & Lifestyle Medicine Practice Serving All Ages
Subspecializing in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Including Research Based Neuropathy Treatment
Laser & Softwave Spine & Joint Care including Office & Home Care Systems 

direct primary care


  John is a Board Certified Family & Lifestyle Medicine  Physician who spent years prior as a chiropractor & nutritionist working primarily with physicians and surgeons.

  He helped thousands during illness, surgeries, and debilitating spine and joint pain regain their health through comprehensive care often including manual therapy, nutrition, and laser. Years of research led to the development of treatment systems now used worldwide to better help those suffering from neuropathy, chronic pain & related illness. Patients from around the world have visited his practice.

  His work with the sickest led to the completion of Medical School (USAT, Montserrat), where he graduated Suma Cum Laude. John completed Family & Lifestyle Medicine Residency at St. Lukes's Anderson,  in Easton PA. He is the first ever MD to complete their Osteopathic Training program as well.

  John's major purpose now is to help those who desire his unique skill set and years of experience with full spectrum Direct Primary Care & Integrative Medicine unavailable anywhere else.

chronic pain syndrome treatment


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