There really is no room for error in healthcare today, especially in private practice. But there is plenty of need for crystal clear focus!

Today though let’s talk about one of the most commonly-ignored growth and personal satisfaction strategies as private practice owners.
That is, “surveying” your existing and prospective patients.

Once upon a time, private healthcare was called “elective” health care. That is, care which patients seek out to improve a chronic condition or the general quality of their life—but not necessarily considered essential. You can probably think of many more applications of the term essential if you have spent any time in the public sector.

Now, of course, the situation has changed so the most viable private practice includes optional procedures, systems and services which are elective, but may also be unavailable in the public sector.

The most important thing to your practice success is that your patient now considers what you do for them essential. This could include things like comfort and cosmetic treatments. It also includes the relief of chronic conditions, without invasive procedures.

This truly affords the private practice owner a huge opportunity for practice growth. Yes even right now!

I hope you see where I am going here. By accurately surveying the desires of your practice, it is much more rewarding to implement the exact systems, services, procedures and possibly other health related pieces your patients are actually looking for.

Surveying patients regularly, and then testing with action will help enhance and improve your services tremendously by adding the added factors of comfort and relaxation.

Your private practice should be no exception.


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