Every year most of us create a New Year’s Checklist…We vow to lose weight…Promise to take up a new hobby…Plan to spend more time with loved ones…

But how many of us make resolutions to do something proactive to build our private practice? Why not start with some practice resolutions? This is after all what gives you the personal and financial freedom to live the life you deserve!

Here are a few tips to help you make the new year the best your practice has ever seen:

1. Plan Ahead

This time of year can be a real zoo on the personal front but take some time to sit down and list some steps you will take this year to build your practice.  Plan to:

–       Do a short weekly blog to communicate with your patients

–       Write a free report to educate your patients on their health care options related to your practice

–       Film some short videos on some amazing results and get them on your social media as well

–       Produce an eBook to educate your patients on how to be an informed consumer when it comes to their health care

Once you make a list even more ideas will come to you.

2. Focus Your Action

Once you’ve got your project list in hand, be diligent in disciplining yourself to complete the items on your list.  If you have staffed your practice as we teach, a whole lot of this can be done for you! Don’t be overwhelmed by thinking you may have bitten off more than you can chew. Resolve to accomplish one at a time and you’ll be amazed at how fast they’re all completed.

3. Be Accountable to Yourself

Hold yourself accountable because no one else will.  But treat yourself fairly.  Don’t dwell on some simple little thing that didn’t get done or exaggerate it’s importance.  You’ll destroy any progress you’ve made if you get bogged down.  Learn from the experience and move on.  Enlist other professionals in a “watch dog” group to keep each other on track.

We’ll have more for you next week in this series.


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

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