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Membership Purchased by Midnight TODAY includes FREE the ND TV Ads and the MetabolismDR(TM), Metabolic Rehabilitation Patient Education and Implementation Program, a $1995.00 Value!
(Admiral Only)


1. Email Autodelivered Clinical FAST-TRAC Set-Up and Support (includes email links to training webinars, trickled to you via the web, additional protocols and materials as they become available).

2. An initial Practice Analysis and Personalized Telephone Consultation.

3. Patient Education Digital Media Powerpoint.

4. A Special offer to save $$$ on Clinical Supplies and Patient Treatment equipment.

5. PLUS, each unit you purchase for patients comes with ~ $80 of FREE SUPPLIES, saving our average clinic ~ $1925

The Total Potential Estimated Value of this offer is over $13,932!!!


This is system does NOT advocate outrageously expensive equipment, or cold laser therapy!


The NeuropathyDR(TM) Package, unlike simply purchasing pieces independently comes complete with everything you need to begin your patient treatments and market intensively, immediately!

We have taken patients with ice-cold skin temperatures for YEARS and seen them return to normal in less than 1 month, many times.

Special tested combinations of theraputic nutrients help provide the necessary metabolic co-factors, minerals and other micronutrients to support nerve health and gives patients a boost in energy too!

We commonly add additional nutrients that the body uses to optimize neurologic functions.
There are additional metabolic components we may advise on a case by case basis too.

Once a patient completes a 5 week Clinical Trial under supervision, re-evaluate for additional clinical needs and ultimately patients may be discharged with a home care program you may help provide, along with supplies, continued education, not to mention the fact you have helped some enormously grateful patients who now have cost effective long term management.

The ND System has been used in the treatment of…

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Post ChemoTherapy Neuropathy, Diabetic Lumbopelvic Plexopathy and incontinence, Failed Lumbar Back Surgery, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Multiple HNPs with bilateral Radiculopathies, Idiopathic Polyneuropathy, Chronic Intractable Myofascial Pain,
Post Acute Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome
Post-Herpetic Neuralgia
Extremity Paresthesias in MS Patients

PLUS, there are exciting new applications being developed…

*We of course cannot restrict any equipment sales, training and support, or internet listings and referrals from/to Neuropathy Doctor(tm) Members in good standing or marketing not sold by PPW, LLC. A Signed Non-Disclosure and Liability Agreement must be signed prior to shipping.

*We’ll forward an agreement to you upon request prior to purchase for your complete inspection.

Simply call 781-754-0599 24/7
Or FAX On Your Letterhead to

I understand that if I delay, my area may be taken, and prices may increase without notice.

*NB: Area Exclusive Marketing Rights were granted only to our original charter members.

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