Our Masters Table Members…

Health Practice Management | Healthcare Business Consultants | Healthcare Consulting company

1. Truly desire something more than an ordinary practice.
This for some is business models, adventures and unique lifestyles…what is it for you?

2. Have already accomplished more than most in their own profession.

3. Know in their hearts that there is way more “out there” for them but fully understand they could use direction and the experiences of the masters before them, refining and developing and ultimately executing their ideal life-map.

Seats at the table are by invitation only.

In addition to all Platinum Fast Trac Membership Benefits, Masters Table Members:
Have UNLIMITED website and materials access.

Meet 4 times/year for a full day in the Boston/Marthas Vineyard/Nantucket Island Areas. Each day is capped off with an extravagant meal or celebration of success and accomplishment.

Receive the ultimate level of personalized access, consulting and coaching.

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