For those that spend any time in an ER or as an EMT, you see life is brief everyday. Back in our nice clean offices though, in private practice we are sometimes shielded from harsh realities.Two stories, both true, touched my life last week. Alex, age 48 dies suddenly and unexpectedly in the ER. Previously healthy, hypertensive was looking forward to his early retirement. Always had a smile, and pleasant greeting for everyone he met.

Gary, age 45, is sitting in his truck at a stop light. Gets a sudden blinding headache, throws the truck into park, clutches his dog, and according to the ME, is unconscious in 15 seconds, and a short time later dead of a cerebral aneurysm. He was a self made, financially independent, fun loving guy, still very much in love with his life and friends. Wiped out in 15 seconds. 

Again, what is it that you are putting off, not confronting or handling? What might you might miss out on, if you don’t take action TODAY?

Tough question? Maybe. Easy to answer? Probably. But only if you stay brutally honest with yourself. 

Again, we suggest you take time everyday to reappraise where you are going in practice and life.

Make sure your decisions are moving you closer to ideal. And really enjoy each day.


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