Private Practice Owners Fast Track Guide!
The Only Guide You Will Ever Need To
Living & Practicing by Design™

We strongly recommend you print this out, post it where you can see it and refer to it often. Most importantly decide to take action on the items that of the most pertinent to you immediately!



  1. Spend more time designing (and redesigning) your life, and then build your practice to suit that life, never the other way around. To do otherwise is a recipe for absolute disaster.
  2. Recognize that in today’s world the only way that you or I can accomplish this is to have the fastest electronic and staffing systems*, automatically maintained, and the easiest to use EMR and billing systems that allows you to practice efficiently, and get home on time!
  3. Marketing any Private Practice in this day and age is a 24/7 job. This will not work without automated on and off line systems. 

The sooner you recognize this, and the faster you take the steps to implement all of these, the easier your life will become and the more profitable your private practice will be!
  4. Decide once and for all that you will be paid as a highly skilled professional, not a third-party pawn. Yes, this is a decision. The biggest reason for failure in private practice is not asking for the money you deserve, and then of course making it very easy for patients to pay you.
  5. The world today moves extraordinarily fast. The pace of change is so great that what used to take years to occur now takes place in 90 days. Get used to it, and put the systems in place right now to take advantage of, not be abused by this fact!
  6. The most successful, financially secure and the healthiest private practice owners completely understand that all of these key items require continual refinement, expansion and development. To think otherwise is a recipe for absolute disaster.

“The Only Private Practice That Will Ever Last is The One That Supports and Helps You Live The Life of Your Dreams!”

John Hayes Jr. MS, DC, MD


*Remember: As Michael Gerber said many years ago, “You cannot manage people because people are basically unmanageable.” Unless you recognize this and have the proper systems in place to hire, train, yes and even fire staff you will continually struggle, resent them, consider them overpaid at YOUR expense, and be frustrated rather than supported by having employees in the first place.

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