As I sip my coffee on the deck of our  Home/Office Studio here on Nantucket Island just after Sunrise,  I look out over Old Man Shoals, sometimes called the “Graveyard of The Atlantic” due to the sheer number of shipwrecks over the last 300+ years.

But all that’s just a sidenote. 300 dpi LPBD cover

Lets talk about the real reason I sent this message to you today-I would not be living my dreams right now if it weren’t for some incredible tools, mind-sets and action steps I’ve used in my practice over the years.

And I really want this for YOU too!

But, NONE of this is possible without a rock-solid plan, tools systems and attitudes that build sustainable wealth!

Have your dreams ever been stymied?Been told “you’ll never be able to do that!”


Me Too! But then I sought and applied the secrets I’m passing along to you this very morning…

For the first time ever, I’m releasing 3 of my favorite wealth building secrets all together in a Black Friday Package to just 117 of almost 5000 subscribing health care pros…


You’ll be receiving


A Signed Copy of my EVVY Award Nominated book

  • Living and Practicing by Design
  • Time Efficient Exams, Consults and Care Planning DVD
  • Maximum Referrals DVD, CD and Workbook


Every Day These Sell Separately for $554


But TODAY you can have the Entire Package for just $297 + Tax S&H.Maximum-Referrals-cd-label

Less than $300 could Literally produce you millions of dollars in revenue over your career!


You’ll Learn Precisely How To revolutionize the way you run your practice for more enjoyment, control AND profit!

But Hurry, once all 117 are gone, the system shuts down automatically. PPWdvd

Good Luck grabbing this special set before they are GONE!

  WAIT! Do This Right NOW and I’ll automatically upon order deliver to you my


1. Why Specialty Practices Work

2. A Powerful Coaching Case Study Ebooks Absolutely FREE!

That way, You Can Get Started immediately designing a powerful new year TODAY!



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