Design a powerful private practice that supports YOUR dreams, and not someone else’s!

Last time, we spent our time together gathering the key pieces of data needed to design a powerful private practice. The two big issues for all business and private practice owners are, of course, time and finances. Taking the time to carefully outline needs, wants, and obligations—doing so in a visible format reaps big benefits, and far better designs.

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Now that you have your key pieces of data, how do you make better design decisions for your private practice?

The first thing is to understand that time gives perspective. This is so critical. Don’t make big decisions quickly; every option should be explored. Ask yourself, are there people in your life a big decision will impact? If so, be sure to include them in your discussions and outlines. This is also where keeping a journal of some type can really help greatly. Use it to organize your thoughts and fact-finding.

Next, make sure you have dedicated quiet time to really sort all this out. So often, bad decisions come in haste, when under stress. The more relaxed and comfortable we can be, the easier we can tap our internal reserves.

Once a decision is made, outline it again in writing. Don’t ACT on a major, non-urgent decision for at least a few days. Let some time pass—let it sit with you and see how it really feels.

To build an extraordinary life will require an EXTRAORDINARY private practice! Can you see how applying these careful steps can make a huge difference?

Think for a bit: might things be different now if you applied this strategy to who you hire? How about that office space? And would you still be working for third-party payers if you applied all the key strategic thinking we are talking about here?

Finally, understand that no one can create urgency for you unless you let them. Sometimes the best decision is to decide, “I’m not making any decisions today!”

Like any super-successful private practice owner, you’ll be saving your energy, cutting your stress, and really building a powerful private practice that supports YOUR dreams, and not someone else’s!

Count yourself among us who choose to live and practice by design, not default!

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