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Your Personal Primary Care Physician for $3.23 per Day?

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

In this day and age we spend way more than this daily on coffee, meals, snacks, etc. Like so many things in life, health care and having a PCP you can see same or next business day, answer an urgent TEXT or call when you need is one of the things we all need to take a look at and seriously consider.

Delays to be seen in a Primary Care Practice and now far too often patients are seen by non-physicians with a fraction of a Physicians training and clinical experience Unfortunately, the current mainstream system is not delivering the depth and the type of care that so many patients need.


I became a direct care physician so I could help change everything wrong with corporate Primary Care. On one of my prior videos, I posted how the average monthly out of pocket spending for health conscious patients far exceeds the cost of monthly membership in our practice, even at the highest level.

In our private practice, which has (limited patient openings) our patients receive all you need from a Primary Care Physician plus urgent care. Your employer, or perhaps even your HSA may provide full or partial coverage for your monthly membership.

(Laser, Neuropathy and Orthopedic/Skeletal Pain Care Plans are separate, also discounted). Due to our busy schedule we only accept a limited number of new patients. We're committed to precise and comprehensive care to our patients which is why we will not crowd the practice.

Enough about me. How about you? If you are ready to enroll while I still have openings, just go HERE Once completed, we'll be in touch to schedule your appointment as slots are available. If the practice is filled, you'll be placed on our waiting list.

~ Here's how to contact me personally: Shoot me a text or a phone call Monday through Thursday 7AM-6PM to 781-659-7989

Please e-mail me after hours and Friday through Sunday to


John Hayes, Jr. MD

We do not accept or process any insurance, federal or state plans. Your employer or HSA may provide full or partial payment.

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