Dear Private Practice Owner,
It’s no secret.
Being in the private practice of healthcare is more challenging than ever before.
Declining reimbursements, rising overhead, staffing and regulatory compliance, to name just a few of the items you juggle in every practice day. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t have at least several calls from doctors about some new procedural, reimbursement or regulatory headaches, demanding record requests, nasty insurance reps, billing disputes, not to mention the extreme pressure to maintain, let alone build a practice, with patients who just don’t understand.
Unless you are very careful, this mountain of “stuff,” will consume your energy and staff, depriving you of the real joy and satisfaction in practice – helping sick patients get well. After all, that is your purpose. So why has it become so difficult for so many offices?
The answer lies in not having tested systems. Sure, you can go to weekend seminars, spend a small fortune, and end up a month later never implementing anything of help. Most offices who try a coaching program spend into oblivion and end up just like that. But not our practices. Our program works, and I invite you to see for yourself…
So now, the rest is up to you. Our record speaks for itself. If you can find a better mentoring program anywhere, buy it!
But, if you are not where you know you could be, or need a guide like most doctors do, let us help you grow too.
We have combined forces with the best in our respective professions, with a goal of unparallelled excellence in the private healthcare arena.
I look forward to helping you achieve the practice of your dreams, without the travel hassles and without the sales hustle.
John P Hayes, Jr., DC, DABCO, CNPS
CEO Perfect Practice Web, NeuropathyDR

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