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You can have more fun in the office, more time off, become vastly more profitable while others struggle or fail, but only if you implement The Perfect Practice Platform into a lasting, powerful private practice…

From The Desk of …
Patricia L. Hayes
CEO, Perfect Practice Web, LLC
Dear Colleague, anyone who knows us will tell you we hate BS…

These are way different times, to say the least. Never before has there been so many simultaneous challenges to maintaining a thriving independent private practice. Furthermore, there are many components of practice management and marketing online (which we pioneered), but there remains only ONE Perfect Practice Platform!
Since 2007 we have combined and updated every tool and system needed to grow and then maintain a thriving practice, PLUS, help give you the CEO/CFO skill sets to build a compelling future, all for a fraction of the cost of other programs, and then back this up with powerful, access at your fingertips to our consulting team!
Professionals who use our systems each and every day, bring all this to you!
As you have probably read in Dr. Hayes’ landmark  book “Living and Practicing by Design”, The 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery, (which we both designed and extensively tested), is based upon linked systems and tools (which has revolutionized practices around the country). This is the most life changing approach to practice you will ever see, guaranteed! There is nothing else out there that delivers such a wealth of operational, personal and financial freedom training in a low cost, time efficient manner. Literally, we pioneered the No BULL style of modern practice. And now I get to share this with doctors from all around the world, every single day!
It’s not all in your head; it’s a different world out there now…
A typical doctors “Consulting Experience” may very well cost a private practice doctor over $50,000 in fees, travel expenses, headaches, lost office and vacation time per year. Or, too often they skimp on the essential skill and system development, piecemeal it with this or that fad, or my favorite, “Guru” chasing. We have seen some do this for 5 years and are down $200k or more!
Then, they implement and change very little back home, and wind up personally and financially stressed out and embarrassed. Some doctors tell me they find themselves being manipulated or coerced into procedures or a style of practice they ultimately resent, rather than doing what their heart says. Believe me when I tell you, this is all too frequent a new members story!
So how is our method different?
There really are just 12 master pieces of the platform known as  The 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery. We teach you the basics then expand each and every component over 12 weeks you’ll reuse your entire career. The sad fact is  too many never master or continue to implement these 12 core essentials of growing then continuously expanding their private practice.
Every master training session is uploaded to your private member website for easy access anytime on any device. New trainings are presented each month in a Private Members Only Forum then added to our already vast library.

PLUS you’ll even get our vast library of legacy training resources that could totally revolutionize the way you’ll practice, for the rest of your career!

Our extraordinary members spend far less on full access membership AND have the money left over to acquire new tools and products that will help you expand and simplify your private practice.
Our only purpose is to show you how to attain professional fulfillment AND financial freedom, even in today’s very challenging environment.

 Perfect Practice Web can help you design or redesign a practice that is true to your own heart, but still highly profitable and without leaving you feeling empty inside.

We know for sure that unless private practice owners are willing to effectively deal with all the challenges we face today by mastering then expanding these The Perfect Practice Platform, they will continue to be stressed out, and remain professionally and financially drained, or worse.
Remember, the only lasting  joy in practice comes from knowing you make an enormous difference in the lives of your patients, and leaving your office every night, knowing the world and your family is better off for the service you delivered today.
With that said,  I welcome you to begin really living the life you’ve always dreamed of, beginning with The 12 Secrets.

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