The Perfect Practice Platform Core Modules

Our 12 Secrets Teleweb Training Program for Health Care Professionals is the heart of Gold and Gold Plus Memberships, and grants you unlimited site access, and admission to my “Inner Circle” of Members.

Take each Module on your own time! Each is available as an MP3 (audio) and PDF (professional transcripts) for you to study.
The Complete Set of Audio Sessions and transcripts are provided to you as a Perfect Practice Client.

Module 1: The End in Mind: Design or Redesign Your Perfect Practice.

What do you really want from your practice? If you’re like many doctors, you are not living the life you imagined, because of what practice can require of you in today’s world. If it’s been a while, we will take you through this session to really help you know. I’ll spend time discussing the lifestyles of perfect practitioners. We help you set the stage for a better future now, using basic tools, concepts, and ask you to integrate these with your own philosophies of healthcare delivery. We strongly urge you to modernize and update your goals, your personal and professional life by using our “Practice by Design” ™ System. So you can do this right, we only ask you be willing to get going!

Module 2: Information and Data Management and Retrieval Systems that won’t stress you out and that will get you home on time!

Our clinically tested strategies and systems have been extensively developed since 1999. Its one thing to buy fancy software, and yet another to fully integrate them, making sure your staff and patients are fully aware of their responsibilities too. So many have totally missed this vital component of practice. I can show you a completely integrated system, and even how to install it in your office. If desired, our Perfect Partners can outfit your office with new, state of the art hardware and software systems, at a special members only rate.

Module 3: Staffing the Perfect Practice

You really can revolutionize your practice, and distress your life, as well as save hundreds each moth in payroll costs! We can prove it, by using and hiring an incredible pool of untapped potential employees to save a fortune, and minimize your stress. We have discovered an endless resource for staffing, and have tested it since we integrated EMR in 1999. Your Staffing Systems must work hand in hand with your data management systems or you will be sunk in this new age! I handle this extensively in our live recorded DVD Presentation “Creating YOUR Perfect Practice”™ which most members ultimately own. We present fully in this Core Module our fully tested employee screening, skills testing, hiring and training templates and systems from “Staffing Support Solutions” ™ to help you staff your perfect practice!

Module 4: The Perfect Practice Web Perpetual Marketing System -Attracting and helping the Perfect Patients

If you have fully developed the key components from the preceding Core modules your Patients do want YOU! And, they want to tell everybody about you too. Because, you are exceeding their expectations, which is a rarity today.
But there is more to it, of course. I show you exactly how we effectively have been communicating the platform for crisis care, recovery and life long health. But, you have your own practice, style and vision.
What I will do is show you many different systems that you can effectively delegate and put on autopilot, once you have set them up, to attract the type of cases you most like to work with. In this day and age, we strongly advocate a balanced practice, with as much cash flow as possible, not dependent upon a single source of new patient. The healthiest practices adapt all the systems we advocate and teach in our Monthly Breakthrough Sessions, and “Maximum Referrals” ™ System.
BIG $1899.00 MARKETING PROGRAM BONUUS: Gold and Above Programs include in Core Module 4 a Complete Monthly Series of done-for-you Patient Newsletter Templates ready to customize and send to the printer (we can even do that for you too!), Sample Flyers and Recall Letters.

Module 5: Achieving the Perfect Balance: Equitable Payments in an Inequitable System.

Doctor, do you want to be paid as a doctor, or a third party pawn? It’s all up to you. Unfortunately, far too many doctors are ill prepared for today’s practice environment. I can teach you no pressure, no BS, honest strategies to collect what you produce. Getting your staff and patients fully on board with this is essential. I will personally show you how to do this, effectively. Most of our doctors study this again and again, and truly master it by using our “Getting to YES!” ™ audio and DVD training package.

Module 6: Continual Refinement.

You will never master these concepts overnight. Most members will work continuously develop each core component through with our coaching. With some study, you can radically improve your professional and personal life. It’s very important to develop the skill of revisiting this on a regular basis. This module ties together all the core modules, and teaches you how to implement the systems we advocate.
The preceding core modules are all repeated live and updated on an annual basis! The MP3s and Transcripts are in the Members Only Area.

Modules 7-12: Focus on Advanced marketing, wealth building, additional profit centers, even multidisciplinary practice!

INCLUDED BONUS : THE PERFECT PRACTICE  Monthly Breakthrough Sessions, many with very Special GUESTS.

The Very first time I did this now monthly event, I realized this work is timeless. The concepts of financial independence and adding new profit centers to practice are presented in a concise, rational manner. This is only the beginning of a fresh, new way to look at practice.

More about The Monthly Breakthrough Sessions
These sessions are brought to you so you can refine, update and sharpen your skills. These sessions are done LIVE, and as a member, you can take each module as a web cast or live teleseminar, or simply download or play each session right after each airs from your PC, anywhere in the world!
We also have frequent guests, many of whom have unique tools, procedures and perspectives that can help you too.
As a Perfect Practice Platform Member, you’ll have complete access to all past audio replays and mp3 files.

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