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Our systems of teaching and learning are legendary. We implemented EMR into Private Practices in 1999, and in 2005 began the first 24/7 web-based trainings for Private Practice Owners.

Today, we provide our clients with the CEO training, practice expansion systems, tools and lifestyle designs for those devoting their lives to preserving and expanding private health care.


The Perfect Steps Private Practice Owners as CEO’s Training

If YOU Want more out of your private practice for less than the cost of a single office visit per month, take Giant Steps toward Financial Freedom and Guard against the utter devastation of managed care and are as sick of the B.S. in traditional consulting programs as I am…

Then this program is for you! The Practice Owners as CEOs is a 15+ Week e-lesson program FULL of the CORE COMPONENTS OF PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT, practice building steps and valuable information, along with ideas and tips you can implement RIGHT AWAY to keep you on track for continued practice growth and development.

What are the Perfect Steps?

With this program, we bring you a specially written “Steps to Success” session, complete with the full .pdf transcript, about 15 pages in length as well as a copy of our monthly practice expansion newsletter.

These are dynamic lessons on success, motivation and and organization, powerful principles of practice development that will help you to make more money, give you greater peace of mind and have more free timebetter direction and game-plan.

I guarantee there’s no fluff here! Only the real deal. These sessions were designed specifically to motivate doctors to higher levels of success and achievement.

These sessions serve as valuable reminders for seasoned veterans, and a clear pathway to great heights of success and personal growth for anybody serious about living to their full potential.

As a steps member, you will also receive our monthly practice development newsletter, which contains modern practice management tools, philosophies and step-by-step measures for strategic growth, continuously delivered to your door, to help keep you on track.

So, here’s What You Get:

  • A unique lesson that will help you to expand your practice and improve your professional and in all likelihood personal life.
  • Full .pdf transcript of each session, in an easy to read and reference e-book style.

I know this program will not appeal to everyone. This is the first step on the road to a powerful private practice, or a stay-on-track program for seasoned veterans.

It is only for professionals who are truly serious about making more money and getting more out of life, and who are ready to take the “Perfect Steps” necessary to accomplish their dreams.


Saving The Smaller Practice

During the last six months a treacherous pattern has emerged, with those doctors who might have found themselves in a smaller practice, or have purposely designed a small practice.

Some are doing extraordinarily well.

Unfortunately, most of the time we hear how much more challenging a practice seeing 100 OVs/week or less has become. Profitability, indeed sanity in many small practices has become a rarity.

BUT, there is GOOD NEWS! You are NOT alone.

In this very special never before done live event I’ll be discussing these very important issues experienced in today’s smaller private practice.

Among the items I’ll discuss are:

  1. How real prosperity eludes the smaller practitioner and indeed why even just making it is especially in this  economy only comes from being a great clinician and wise businessperson simultaneously.
  2. Why traditional marketing, time management and traditional small practice advertising fails to produce results in the smaller practice.
  3. Exactly what are the difficult decisions you must make now or risk losing it all?
  4. The EXACT populations of patients to be targeting for you’re unique practice type.
  5. Why achieving Real Financial Freedom is formulaic, and easier than you think IF you come from one unique premise.
  6. The EXACT tools and systems to design in right now to build, promote, and maintain a powerful, private practice.

And much more!

WARNING! This was a no holds barred never before done LIVE event!


First Things First


First Things First-Setting the Stage for Private Practice Affluence

This unique workbook with audio CD contains several crucial aspects of powerful private practices, which are overlooked by veterans and new practitioners alike, including:

“What You Must Do Now” a detailed 30 page report and audio recording of the missing links in today’s private practice success.

“How to Build a Winning Team”’,
A virtual blueprint for developing powerful staffing systems.

“How to develop a marketing plan that works”,
The often-overlooked basics of running an area that leaves millions of dollars on the table in too many doctors’ careers.

“Practice Baseball”

Lessons of simple but powerful day-to-day management

PLUS a bold look at the future of Private Practice.


Getting To Yes

After consulting with offices around the country my staff will tell you
the most challenging office visit for most private practice clinicians,
is undoubtedly the patient report visit, and presenting
care recommendations.

And it makes no difference if you are just out of school at this for years nor what degree you have!

It does not have to be this way!

Our private clients around the country
tell us that once they get this visit right, practice is
liberating, enjoyable, and much more rewarding in every way.

In this one hour presentation the now famous
“Getting to YES! – A No BS Report of Findings and Game Plan”,
I will show you precisely how to reorient your procedures step
by step, so this becomes the MOST LOOKED FORWARD TO visit
and NOT the most dreaded patient encounter of every practice day.

I will personally walk you through how to sit one on one, with
even the most difficult patient, and simply explain what’s in their
best interest, and how to review finances, office policies and
procedures, to obtain the best patient compliance and clinical
results possible, in an honest manner.

I WON’T give you universal scripts, but instead teach you how to
achieve the best results, while being COMPLETELY OPEN with your
patients from the very first contact with your office.

I have been teaching this approach to my colleagues for over 33 years,
first by being a GREAT clinician!

This is straightforward and BRUTALLY HONEST, (definitely rated R!).

You will learn the concepts of integrated systems, tools, and
proper staff duties that run on a “Perfect Practice Platform”.

After learning this step by step system, you will approach every
patient with dignity and professionalism, NOT a BUNCH of BS!

You will feel better about yourself knowing you have presented
only the best possible guidelines for your patients’ journey back to health.

And, GET PAID like a healthcare professional should!

…PLUS, with THIS System you’ll see for yourself how powerful coaching can expand

your practice and develop executive skills for today’s new challenges!

DCs, MDs, RNs & PTs around the world tell me our systems are the easiest and
most cost effective way to bring fresh ideas, along with time
tested principles of success and prosperity to you for far less than
the cost of a single new patient/month


Giant Steps To Success

Do you really know what the difference is between a job, and a fabulous private practice that produces enduring personal and financial freedom?

Are you on track today to really create the life you dreamed of as a student?

  Do you have a step-by-step GAME PLAN to accumulate real wealth?

  • Are you on track right now to have seven figures plus in the bank (not stocks or schemes) with little or no debt?
  • Do you know how to turn just 9 MORE OVs/week and smart marketing into millionaire territory?

Sadly for too many in private health care today the answers are no!

Well, now there is a real workable plan to help you reach these goals in 10 years or less!

This Audio CD and Workbook was written by Dr. John Hayes, Jr., to be a comprehensive guide to life long affluence, personal freedom and financial independence for Private Practice Owners. Dr. Hayes has a No Bull approach to practice and indeed life you’ll find refreshing. Specifically, he shows you EXACTLY how to accumulate seven figures cash in real, interest bearing savings in ten years or less.

He first discusses the attitudes and mindsets, and then gives you a step by step guide to real world production
and savings that if done consistently produces measurable wealth.

Even smaller offices can follow this staring today, and the bigger your practice the more enormous immediate potential.

This is a real, no BS path to wealth creation, personal and financial freedom that works in any economy.

This special offer includes the complete workbook as well as the Audio CD and Transcript with a step-by-step no nonsense system to help you become financially independent (Cash Based) in 10 years or less.


Maximum Referrals

One of the most effective practice development strategies is consistently asking your best patients and your community at large for direct patient referrals.

And it’s no secret, directly referred patients are most often motivated to follow your advice and are MOST willing to pay directly to get their health back!

Unfortunately, many practice owners find this one of the most difficult parts of marketing a private practice themselves.

There is a better way! Using our system of internal and community based themes on a regular basis puts excitement and energy back into what can become daily drudgery.

In this step by step system, we personally guide you through an annual theme based marketing calendar that will energize your staff, and get your entire practice excited to tell everyone they know about YOU! These are the same timeless, off-line systems used for over 30 years.

Many cost little to implement, and are easy to use. These are as good now as ever before. It’s only Recently been re-released after 2 years as a Members ONLY Product.

NONE of these have ever been returned or refunded, it’s that good!


Recorded Live in Miami!

Practice By Design-This contains the entire Weekend Training

Presented By Dr. John P Hayes Jr. And the Perfect Practice Web Team, along with: George Youssef, Author of “The Keys to Implementation of Practice by Design”, Howard Stone, Author of “Too Young To Retire”, and very special guests that will blow you away This weekend was an EXPERIENCE unlike any other anywhere!

Now, you can experience it too! Just look at everything!

* Straight talk, NO BULL approach to Personal and Professional Fulfillment and Systematic Growth and development in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

* How to insure prosperity well into the next decade using modern tools and systems.

* The complete elements of Practice by Design.

* Critical steps you must take now to have the personal and professional life you have always wanted (and deserve!).

* How to Design Your Perfect Practice with linked systems, and stay on target.

* Bulletproofing your marketing and promotion

* Effectively attracting and managing cash cases.

* Get rid of Insurance Nightmares once and for all!

* The True Meaning of Financial Independence. It’s not what you think.

* Lifestyles of Perfect Practice Doctors. This can be you too.

* The ONLY Sure Steps to continued Success in Private Practice

* Downshifting for maximum performance


Time Efficient Consultations and Exams and Compliant Report of Findings that work… 

Time Efficient Consultations and Exams and Compliant Care Plans that work are the big three essential to master procedures in any office. This classic was filmed live at the end of a very busy PT/DC day but the gems presented are applicable to ANY private practice emplying spine care.

This is also where many potential medico-legal problems arise, as well as major reasons patients fail to follow your advice.

How do you do these right? Well, our office team demonstrates precise examples of these on this 30 plus minute session.

We break it down, so your staff can learn their roles too. This DVD was professionally filmed and mastered, in my office. It’s as real as it gets, We filmed at the end of a regular day, first take, just like similar exams earlier that day. (I even left in the giggles!) I even show you how great staff will be a huge asset in patient education, as well as transcription of data, follow through and lots of “gems”.

See if you can find them all.

Starting with a consultation format that has brought me phenomenal success, for over 30 years, I next walk you through our Pre-Exam, done with the staffing systems and tools we teach. I next perform an EM Compliant exam on a patient with a suspected disc herniation. Finally, I will walk you through a report visit, done very quickly; showing you how we handle informed consent, patient responsibilities and terms of acceptance.

If you miss these key points the first time around, go back again and again.

Whether you are just a student or a seasoned veteran, there is something here for every DC, PT, MD and anybody else doing musculoskeletal and related care.

So, add this to your training library while you can and use it again and again!


Living and Practicing by Design

Living & Practicing by Design

This story begins with my not so unique fascination of what makes things work, most especially human beings. In reality, mostly how we, as physicians and healthcare teams of all disciplines help fix them when they break.

Why have I, and those who follow the systems we design and advocate the lifestyle choices we choose been so successful at this?

Because it’s not just healers knowledge, but also everything about us that patients sense, trust and embrace.

Learn much more about why our approach to practice is liberating and highly profitable.

LPBD was Nominated for the Evvy Award!

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Beating Neuropathy

This book, now in it’s second edition is deliberately small, concise and to the point.

This is precisely why the first edition achieved bestseller status for self published books quickly.

It’s ONLY intent is to provide the reader with a good primer about the various types and causes of peripheral neuropathy. The reason for this is quite simple.

We find many patients as well as healthcare professionals have difficulty navigating effective neuropathy and chronic pain treatment options.

Neuropathy is not a one-size-fits-all disorder. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by or is a manifestation of many different underlying conditions. Unfortunately, even well-intentioned physicians are not aware of this. And this is a critical fact because rarely is drug only therapy effective in peripheral neuropathy and many forms of chronic pain.

More importantly however we tell the story of actual case studies from our clinics. We also talk about the various treatment options that peripheral neuropathy patients now have.

We discuss laser, LED, manual therapies and various neuro-simulation techniques as well as nutritional components that are proving to be promising, and supported by research. For the science minded or health care professional reader, we also provide an introduction for physicians, as well as literature references were applicable.

Much more detailed information about self-care, diet, lifestyle changes etc. is contained in our 2012 edition of “I Beat Neuropathy! Getting Your Life Back on Track”

We thank you and wish you the best along your journey back to health!

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I Beat Neuropathy

I Beat Neuropathy was written to be an “owners manual” of sorts for patients and their loved ones who suffer from peripheral neuropathy and other forms of chronic pain like shingles, cancer and long standing injuries. It’s full of lifestyle and and do it for yourself recovery and home treatment tools. But there is way more to the story.

When I first got the idea to write Beating Neuropathy my first book while walking the streets of Nantucket I had no idea it would become a best seller. But what I did know is that it would be neuropathy patients that would propel change and awareness and not necessarily professionals.

To a point, I was wrong. It turns out that I have had so many caring professionals come forward to join my quest I am honored by their tireless dedication to helping patients in often innovative, “outside the box” ways. But like anything else, some have jumped on the neuropathy treatment “bandwagon” with little training or expertise. This concerns me greatly. These are not our clinicians.

You see neuropathy is not a one size fits all disorder. Some cases are extraordinarily complex, and often difficult to treat. Fortunately, more patients are now much more straightforward to treat and manage, some exclusively with good home care programs armed with the knowledge we have gained in our clinics.

But the most exciting thing right now is almost always we are able to improve our patient’s quality of life, often dramatically. Let “I Beat Neuropathy” be your guide too!

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