One of the biggest issues I observed this past week especially has been the ignoring “The Most Dangerous Number” – ONE!

One way to help a condition…

One way to manage a team…

One way for patients to pay…

And the most dangerous to professional longevity?

Having just ONE way to practice, or worse, thinking ONE strategy will work all by itself!

This is no more apparent than with websites or social media. These are all great tools, but setting them up and then expecting ONE to deliver all by itself is pure delusion.

You see, websites especially require “traffic”, web visitors you direct there by multiple methods. Here’s just a few sources of website traffic to think of as you start your week…postcards, newsletters, recall campaigns, Twitter, Facebook, AdWords, Newspaper, radio, TV…how big is your list?

This is how you need to be thinking of orchestrating your message with frequency (at least something every day) and relevancy, not BS patients can see right through…

So, do you need help with your strategy?

Let us show you the proper tools and systems to make it happen!


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

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