Decisions & Plans Create Reality

The decision to move forward. This, unfortunately, still remains a major stumbling block of many. Indeed, the slowness or lack of making even simple decisions, but most especially putting off critical decisions sometimes slows forward progress by weeks, months, and in some very unfortunate circumstances years.

But I believe that the reason this most frequently occurs is a lack of clarity, a lack of vision. All too often, in general people, even ourselves as highly intelligent doctors, are unaware of the vast opportunities that wait in our personal and professional lives, simply for the asking.

Those who are happiest, most prosperous and effective realize that it is this willingness to take action in meaningful directions on moment-to-moment basis is the ultimate in accomplishment.

Doctors, the decisions you make today will have profound impact on next year. And the direction that you take professionally as well as personally next year will also have very significant impact not only on the rest of your professional career, but as well on the quality of your personal life.

Right now, is simply the very best time to reflect very carefully on what this past year worked right, what needs to go, what needs to stay.

The reason for these rapid and effective decision-making skills set is frankly is that the speed of change is ever accelerating.

There has never been a better time to be in private practice, but only for those who possess clarity, a phenomenally well written game plan, remain strong, effective communicators, capable and willing to provide only the very best in health care services.

But there’s something that’s extraordinarily important to clarify first, and that is your personal vision.

First, (not last) the quality of life you want for yourself, as well as those closest to you.

Reality dictates, that this future style of private practice will require breaking with the rank and file. Future practices will require blending all the best technology has to offer, the very best in cost effective systems and procedures all combined with time tested humanistic skills, and compassion.

It will simply not be enough to have pieces of this puzzle. Rather, all pieces must fit together with exact precision.

Therefore, I respectfully suggest that you start assembling your puzzle now.

And in doing so, carefully consider all ramifications of your decisions. This is where exercise, quiet time, reflection as well as inspirational reading and study while developing fully your game plan, all carefully written out and diagramed on paper will make a tremendous difference not only in how you feel, but how you act.

Once you have clarified this new vision, it is essential that all the steps you wrote as necessary to actually pull off its execution are first set into motion, and put into written timetables.

Then, perhaps most importantly choose your support system.

In my experience, it is those doctors who fully utilize great support systems, accomplish far more throughout the year than those who do not.

The best support systems provides you with all the information you will need, the personal as well as professional associations, camaraderie and affiliations that supply the building blocks, systems, plans and tools necessary to complete your puzzle.

But only YOU can reach out and grab it.