If you reinvent or break the system that already works the net result is too often disaster for the private practice owner.

”You can’t manage people because people are basically unmanageable.” So said long ago Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth. Now for those of us in private practice we see this every day.

Systems do work
Let Your Systems Do The Work!

We see this with patients, but more especially working with the team of human beings we are proud to call our staff members.

What are the key takeaways from today’s discussion is to understand completely that to improve your practice outcomes you must improve your systems.

One of the things that is painfully obvious to me as a consultant is that success is very formulaic. When certain rules, and systems are followed, executed, and then continually improved upon private practice runs like a well oiled machine.

Conversely, reinvent or break the system that already works and the net result is too often disaster for the private practice owner.

And the same is very true clinically. I was fortunate enough to be taught this by wonderful instructors over 30 years ago. When you have a specific formula let’s say for patient suffers from a herniated disc, follow the formulas and the techniques you are best at.

The good news is 80%+ of your patients will do extremely well with the formulaic approach to care.

The very same approach is very useful for staffing and marketing your private practice. That is, be sure to use tried-and-true systems. More importantly, make sure that each key component of the system is acted upon every day.

Make sure your staff knows how important keeping to systems actually is. Emphasize how much easier it makes their daily tasks, and accountability

Be sure to take a hard look at your private practice, systems, what drives the systems and what improvements you can make to smooth out any bumps, increase profitability and most especially the fun quotient in your private practice!

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