Practice Building and Mrs. Smith – “I can only be about your health not your insurance”.

In the last 3 practice building  tips, I spoke about how
you can never be about the patient’s insurance,
only about their health. That, in its essence is
the biggest transformation we must all make.

By positioning your entire office right from
the very first phone call, the stage is set.
It is critical to never miss any of these steps. Those
who do are frustrated, and then blame it on
the patient.

If you experience a dip in patient volume,
go back and revisit the entire algorithm,
and each of the staff training steps here too.

If you do not do this, each passing year will become
more challenging, and way more stressful than it
has to be.

You can prosper more each year, and live the life
you really want, with the appropriate plans. Make sure
that’s how you use your coaching time with us too!

And do it again, if its been a while.