This new delivery system is called “Living and Practicing by Design™” (LPBD). Named after the EVVY Award Nominated Book by the same name, LPBD is the platform which compliments the 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery by focusing on key practice and life enhancing modules broken into bite sized pieces you and your team can apply with minimal effort. This membership also gives you access to the LBPD Tool Box containing over $7500 in legacy tools, recorded live seminars and trainings.

These include every crucial item private practice owners wrestle with daily including:

Organization & simplification

Staffing efficiently & affordably

Reducing overhead & expenses

Hiring, training, firing & policy violators

Wealth building, saving & investing

Professional lifestyle, diet & fitness “hacks”

Preventing and managing burnout

Direct-care patient access

Time & cost-effective tech solutions

Maintaining “consumerism”

Concierge practice options

Automated marketing

Referral expansion

Simplified patient policies

Building & maintaining a professional protection & advisory team

New self-pay revenue streams

…to name just a few.

Each module focuses on a key theme…

  • Next, we’ll supply support materials and professional references when called for. You’ll also be able to interact, share and ask questions of our team in the Members Only Group

As long as you remain a member in good standing, you’ll have all of this at your fingertips! You can access everything on any device and participate when it’s easiest for you.

Most of all, you’ll have a secure and private place to join and hang-out with your fellow docs and their teams who just like you wouldn’t trade their independent practice and rich private life for anything else!

Members receive access to the LPBD Tool Box hosting hundreds of hours of video trainings and support materials including the famous “Getting To YES! No BS Care Report & Planning”, “Maximum Referrals” the revolutionary theme based annual marketing plan, “Time Effective Consults & Exams” staff training workshop, “Staffing Support Solutions” the workbook with over 50 ready to use staffing/training .doc templates. In addition, you’ll have access to many more webinars, interviews and expert training sessions.

PLUS, you’ll also have access to all training and support materials from all LPBD modules!

To purchase all these independently you’d spend well over $7,500 but they are yours for just one payment of $1597.


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