In the last 10 years, Perfect Practice Web has revolutionized private practice building & ownership plus added back prosperity for healthcare professionals…

Private coaching groups and NeuropathyDR® licenses have enabled many private practices to build enormous seven-figure specialty clinics…

Our mentoring and live events are now legendary…

Unfortunately, this is now more difficult to attain in private healthcare practices ever before.

But not impossible, IF you understand precisely how to set up, organize your practice, as well as your professional personal life in the most powerful ways possible.

So, what if there were even MORE rapid, MORE powerful ways for YOU to tap into JUST the core systems that you MUST have RIGHT NOW to continue to grow and prosper with all the changes we in private practice are now faced with? No plane rides, hotels, or time away fro your loved ones.

Well there is, and my clients are living proof!slargei534tptype

I have spent over 30 years in private healthcare, and a good portion of time teaching others keys of success, personal happiness, and longevity.

Unfortunately, I cannot any longer personally consult with everyone who applies to our coaching programs.

So my team and I came up with a way that we can now provide consolidated, very affordable group coaching providing essential current secrets and common tools and systems that are updated every 90 days!

Some of the topics we develop weekly together starting NEW Each Quarter (Jan/April/July/Sep) include:

1. Modern Lean Staffing

2. Practice design and Physical layout

3. Increasing Total Efficiency

4. Lowering Overhead

5. Video Marketing

6. Mindset

7. Management Skills

8. Wealth Building

9. Reducing taxes

10. Direct Response Marketing

11. Public Events Done Right

12. Positioning you as a Requested Expert

and finally

13. Social Media Secrets of Multimillionaires

And we’ll only be hitting the systems that work right NOW!

Design and proper execution set the stage to lower stress and overhead, while increasing your profitability and fun quotient!

What can you expect?

Every member will be enrolled into a secret coaching group online. Each week we will focus on JUST ONE of the above themes, exploring each in detail using a combination of video, workshops, guests as well as relevant files and documents. This way, even the most extraordinarily busy private professional can still master the key concepts, without fluff or unnecessary distractions. All this material will be accessible 24/7. Your questions may be asked on-line 24/7 at any time during the program.

There is however one limiting factor: due to the nature of this material the size of this 90-day class is extremely limited.

If you want in, you need to do it immediately!


arrow_curved_2_rightSo what’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

You simply need to be ready to go to learn and grow!

Your investment is just three payments of $697.00


The rest is up to you!




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