In private practices especially you can tell so much about a doc and their practice, based just upon how staff answers the phone. Now of course, this is something you should check regularly and do with kindness.

Timing, attitude, how questions are handled are all simple keys.

You as a patient would ask are they organized? Are all their tools obviously at their fingertips? Do they know the docs scheduling and policies, preferences and style?

In fact, if your practice is not doing great at the moment, ask three friends to anonymously call your office. Two as new patients with no health insurance.

You should listen in. You may however be shocked.

When it comes to collections at the counter is it “Here’s your options Mrs. Jones…?” Or more like “Oh that’s OK don’t worry about it…”

Here’s my point.

Those who have profitable and fun practices, and indeed personal lives continuously aim to master each area of private practice!

No, it’s never perfect, and always requires measurement and attention, but none-the-less the all of this can be simplified and ensured it’s in place via policies, procedures and some very basic training.

Clinically, it’s also very important to your patients!

This is also why your staff must be darn good on the phone, so patients know to expect clinical excellence, which is not as common as you would think.

Every day your patients should be saying, “That was the best exam I have ever had in my entire life!”


Because on each patient visit insist on a thorough pre-exam presentation by support staff,  yes even interns, so you can without distraction perform the best physical examination and most attentive physicians visit they have ever had, hands down.

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