Don’t get your specialized knowledge from professors who failed in private practice or colleagues who are struggling!

One of the things we encounter in all business, especially private practice, is that major decisions are often made by individuals, not large committees.

Unlike large businesses that have a Board of Directors to call upon, it usually is the private practice owner who is in charge of making the most critical decisions.

For example—who to hire and why, which marketing programs may be most effective, or what other components should be added to a private practice.

All of these are decisions that need to be made, but they need to be made with clarity and focus.

Too often, as consultants we find private practice owners have gotten into trouble by making hasty and ill-considered decisions, often without the benefit of somebody who has extensive experience.

Perhaps, this is the most vital role for seeking the services of a consultant.

For example, when we launched our multimedia-driven neuropathy and chronic pain patients’ outreach, we sought out the most experienced consultants and technical consultants in media, publishing, etc.

And, we went right to the very top.

In fact, the hallmark of all great executives is that they are not afraid purchase specialized knowledge.

Specialized knowledge, as Napoleon Hill wrote about extensively, is one of the key things that separates the greats from the rest.

So, where did you get your specialized knowledge from? Was it from professors who failed in private practice or colleagues who are struggling?

I would respectfully suggest that this is one the most important decisions you can ever make; be clear here!

And also vow to make this the most important decision, with focus, clarity, and commitment to purpose.

You will be glad you did.

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