Are you going through the “changes”?

Somehow, years have passed since graduation and life isn’t quite what you had imagined.

One of the major consequences of this that we see every day  are people in their early 30s to mid 50s who have a very difficult time producing the fun and fulfillment in their practice that not too long ago seemed natural and easy.

And it’s also why I have for years advocated that caregivers play hard and often, work and practice on their own terms, while simultaneously finding out precisely what’s right for them, RIGHT NOW. This includes professional practice structure, lifestyle, finances, and most especially personal and professional fulfillment.

I can also tell you that those who study and implement these basic concepts have accepted and dealt with the “changes” in a far more effective manner than those who resist, assume the world is still the same, or simply dig in their heels and refuse to believe that the playing field as well as the rule book is radically different than it was even a few short years ago.

But there’s way more to it.

For many of us who chose a healthcare pathway, our entire identities are wrapped up in our careers or private practice.*

This is a well-known fact. This is also why we’re sometimes blindsided by the future.
There are certain personality profiles and early life experiences that drive us to become who and what we are as caregivers today.

This is certainly not all bad.

However, those who fail to recognize this are also the same people that have a very difficult time adapting and dealing with the “changes.”

But those that DO recognize their strengths as well as weaknesses go on to build incredible careers.


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*Tip: If you have never read Melody Beattie’s work on codependency and healthcare professionals, you owe it to yourself to do so.