3 Simple Steps That CAN Turn $167 into $$,$$$ In Practice ONLY During The Holidays

Did you know that the month of December can be one of the most profitable months in your private practice? 

In fact, my clients and I have used some very basic strategies for many years, which have produced phenomenal results, and now I am prepared to share them with you. Some of this information, I’ve never even previously released to my clients.

The fact of the matter is that, despite the pending holiday season,
December can be one of the best months of the entire year not only for patient volume, but also for collections, much of it cash!

When done right, December momentum will lead you well on the way to a phenomenal New Year.

Create a December You Will Remember!
I will give you a detailed, step by step Audio Recording mp3 file for download, as well as a “Done for You” Holiday Event and Newsletter-Strategy that has netted me thousands more dollars in additional self-pay revenues on average JUST during December!

These are low cost strategies. They are extremely effective at getting your existing patients excited, as well driving former patients back to the Office during what many consider a difficult time of year to practice.

Here’s Exactly What You Get:

  • The Audio Link to this program (which is about 1 hour long)
  • The mp3 for immediate download
  • A “Done for You” 1 page simple newsletter.doc that you can can customize for your practice as you see fit. (.doc)
  • A One Page Holiday Flyer that spells out a “Healthy Holiday Program” (.doc) for your entire patient base
  • A Special Template (.doc) to help enroll January’s New Patients starting now and some extra docs for you to customize too!!!

The excitement our program generates, also gets your staff involved, helping them move you forward, while enjoying (not dreading) the holidays, and setting the stage for a phenomenal New Year.

Here’s the catch…

I’ve released this Special Edition available at this steep discount ONLY until December 2nd!!!

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Everything will arrive by email upon your payment processing, and you can get your staff rolling on this TODAY…

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This ALL Goes Back Into The Vault Until Next Year on December 2nd at Midnight!

*I fully understand by my purchase this is a non-refundable immediate edelivery product that is copyright protected and I must only use in my own offices.