During the holidays but especially Christmas there is considerably more natural consumption and this year so much of this will be via web and phone. Here are some marketing ideas for your private practice during the holiday season. Don’t just blow these off as we have found the impact of these is huge as most patients don’t expect these from their physicians who won’t do any of these!


This is a wonderful time to talk about your health goals for the community and promote memberships in your practice! Often times, families may even purchase them for others, including adult children and yes even close friends! Look for opportunities that may present like spots in the local news, especially radio for interviews where you can put yourself in front of the community.

It is a really great idea to come up with a game or an activity, either on a specific date or through the course of a couple of days. Parties with healthy refreshments and small gift bags are always appreciated. One thing our practice has done for years is give away a flat-screen TV in a drawing requiring tickets. Tickets are given to those who didn’t cancel, referred during the month and more! Staff has a blast with this too! Patients literally talk about this year after year. Remember, practice growth can be driven through any social games and clever experiments that your marketing can come up with— people will really enjoy ingenuity.

Christmas Spirit

You cannot expect people to be willing to buy gifts for others if your venue does not look like it is Christmas. The decorations—on and offline— are very important, and the earlier you put them on, the better. Lights are also a great idea and promote a more cheerful environment! A good idea might also be to ask your employees wear an accessory that reminds people of the season. Not a whole costume (although one Christmas Eve my associate and I dressed up as Santa’s!) but just one thing, like a hat, that serves as a Christmas reminder. Whatever you decide it’s very important that our patients moods are elevated in the office, and these little things can make a huge difference.

It is perfectly normal for practices that use these tools to have bigger growth during Christmas time, as there is considerably more consumption, even if that hasn’t been the overall trend during the whole year. This is partly due to the fact that most of us are more willing to consume and buy gifts this time of year, regardless of reduced prices. Christmas time provides an opportunity for your marketing strategies to take effect in a very positive light.

Nevertheless, for some practices that register growth during Christmas time, there is often a reduction of profit shortly after the celebrations have passed. This is why you should increase your chance of growth by taking the necessary steps to promote your private practice for January NOW!

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