Too often, private practice owners get in trouble by not building a fortress around their practice and, especially, its reputation…

One the biggest things to understand about private practice ownership is that patients have self-selected their pathway to your door.

Now, more than ever, patients choose to go outside the public health system for a variety of reasons.

But one of the most important reasons is, patients are unable to obtain the level of personalized attention and satisfaction the public system delivers.

The single most important thing in your private practice is you—your skills, your bedside manner, and everything you bring to the treatment table.

But, more than that, patients return to you because you meet a fundamental emotional need.

That is, you represent the skills and authority patients need during times of disease, injury, and healing.

To think otherwise is pure folly. Too often, private practice owners get in trouble by not maintaining their focus; protecting their practice and, especially, its reputation as the powerful business it can be. This means impeccable staffing, cleanliness, efficiency, and everything else anybody paying for premium service desires.

The challenge is living up to your reputation every day.

Slack for just a moment, and one powerful adverse event can wreak havoc with your personal and professional life.

So what can you do? Continue or, if necessary, start today to build a fortress around your private practice. For the private practice owner, this necessitates taking a very hard look at everything we’ve mentioned above.

In addition, you must know and understand what your self-pay patient population wants from your practice.

Next time, we’ll talk about some very important steps you can take today, making a difference between long-term success and failure in private practice.

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