The last time I talked about some of the important strategies that we can utilize every day to build a fortress around our private practices. But what I’d like to do today is address a bigger issue: our patient’s health and well-being.

Too often the theme from “practice consultants” has been, “just put this system in place and make a ton of money”.

All of us here understand our that when our only major concern is helping the patient in front of us get and then stay well, we’ll never have to worry about money ever again. This, of course, should be driving force behind everything we do every day.

Referrals will take care of themselves and we become as busy as we want to be!

The reality is that we deserve to be financially successful. To do this effectively, communications, marketing, and, indeed, every system, must convey our personal intention to help our patients get—and then stay—well.

Everyone in your practice, from your staff to your fellow referral professionals, must completely understand that this is our purpose!

But you’ll never be able to pull this off unless you are focused on the realities of your own future, and, at the same time providing excellent, cutting-edge care.

And I respectfully submit that for those of us in medicine today this is the management of chronic pain, disease, and illness in a way that supports the active lifestyle so many people today demand.

The reality is drug-only therapy will not accomplish this.

So get creative! What are your really good at and enjoy the most in practice? This is exactly what you should be doing more of every day!

Unless you differentiate yourself in this manner, you’ll end up burned out, broke, and like too many of those who venture into private practice, unable to even repay your student loans.

Harsh language? You bet!

But this is the reality of building a fortress around your private practice today!

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