I Hope you had a great weekend, doing at least some time with whatever it is makes you feel great. One day not that long ago for me though was all about back-up systems, just like we need right now in practice!

It is just so important to be mentally rested to be on top of your game in the office, not to mention for all the other responsibilities you share too. This of course is a key to living by design. To practice hard, I passionately believe docs need to play hard.

So, on this end, after a terribly busy week, Thursday night I get fishing invitation from a close friend, now retired from practice about 3 years. So, I spent an hour prepping tackle that night and then head for the Cape (Cape Cod).

Something about gorgeous spring days and boats that really gets me going. Just love the wide openness and quiet, really helps clear my head.

Anyhow, I slept like a baby, got up not crazy early this time and headed out with visions of incredible spring fishing.

But alas, the universe had other plans, and Jim and I find ourselves alone for 3 hours as we await Sea Tow. Now, this really could have turned out very badly. We had been a couple miles offshore before we headed up-river, where the boat just dies. Nothing. No power, ignition, and controls dead. The freaky part is we drifted onto a dock we were able to tie up to. If it had been a half hour earlier…well, probably would have been calling the Coast Guard.
This time, we were lucky, but also prepared. Plenty of clothes, radios, EPIRB, cell phones, and up to date Sea Tow Memberships.

So, here is my takeaway. A powerful practice and adventures that serve you while helping you serve humanity is not about risk avoidance, but risk management. You see it takes risks to grow, and learn in practice, and all of life. It is risky getting out of comfort zones.

Just like when you first put your hands on a patient as a student, that first office patient has an adverse reaction, you get a subpoena, whatever else comes your way, sometimes practice can be a very scary too.

But when there are systems to fall back on, redundancy, back-ups, safety nets in place, and someone to call when you are totally stuck, or need a “tow”, you’ll sleep much better, and operate at a much higher efficiency too!