Are YOU Prepared for What Lies Ahead in Private Practice? One of the harshest realities to face is that the landscape of private practice is changing, continuously! And there is no stronger lesson than what is happening in our world right now!

So how can we be better positioned after all the upheaval?

Respectfully, we get into trouble by failing to understand the systems that are necessary to operate and manage profitably a private healthcare practice. This includes HR, safety, compliance, record keeping, etc.  At the end of the day it also includes combining your best clinical skills with effective marketing that draws precisely the type of patient you desire into your private practice.

And you know what? It requires work. But once done you are the one deciding your future. That’s why private practice remains for those who are fiercely independent and refuse to bow to the status quo. We’re the ones who decided to work at least in part outside the public system.

Patients are extremely frustrated with so much of “public” healthcare and its seemingly insurmountable regulations. Often times they report surly “providers” who are trained to act like robots see them. No treatment outside a very narrow window is allowable or prescribed within these mandated systems.

That’s why it is more important than ever that you position yourself to effectively deal with these challenges now, before it’s too late.

But I caution you not to wait too long. The task that lies ahead may seem for you enormous in many respects, but not insurmountable with focus and simple but effective systems.

I believe after all the world has been though many more are finally considering opening a private practice.

If this is you, why not start today by doing a careful examination of precisely where what and how you want your life as a physician to be.

Remember, failure to plan right now, is in fact planning to fail.


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

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