Our Team has over 30 years clinical and private practice building experience. CEO Patti Hayes has a very diverse business background with 30 years of running highly successful private practices including one of the first in nation multidisciplinary treatment centers.

Having personally studied with high level business and financial consultants as well as Forbes Top 50 Social Media & Revenue Strategists, she now delivers all this as CEO. Patti Hayes and the team she began continues to expand, serving practitioners worldwide to help sharpen both their clinical and business skills.

Our systems of teaching and learning, especially The 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery are legendary. We first implemented EMR into Private Practices in 1999, and in 2005 began the first 24/7 web-based trainings for Private Practice Owners.

Today, we provide our clients with the CEO training, practice expansion systems, tools and lifestyle designs for those devoting their lives to preserving and expanding private health care.

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Patti Hayes, CEO, Perfect Practice Web, LLC

You CAN create the practice and life of your dreams. Here is exactly how:

From The Desk of …

Patricia L. Hayes
CEO, Perfect Practice Web, LLC

Dear Doctor,

Never before has there been so many simultaneous challenges to maintaining a thriving independent private practice.

Since 2005 we have continued to refine every tool and system needed to build a thriving practice by teaching you the CEO/CFO skill sets to build a compelling future, all for a fraction of the cost of other programs, and then back this up with powerful, access at your fingertips to our consulting team!

Quite simply, our training uses linked systems that we continually refine that have revolutionized private practice. This is the most life changing approach you will ever see. There is still nothing else out there that delivers such a wealth of operational, personal and financial freedom training in a low cost, time efficient manner.

We pioneered the No BULL style of modern practice. 

A typical doctors “Consulting Experience” may very well cost over $50,000 in fees, travel, unforeseen headaches, expenses, lost office and vacation time. Or, too often they skimp on the essential skill and system development, piecemeal it with this or that fad, or my favorite, “Guru” chasing. We have seen some do this for 5 years and are down $200k or more!

Then, they implement and change very little back home, and wind up personally and financially stressed out and embarrassed. Some doctors tell me they find themselves being manipulated or coerced into procedures or a style of practice they ultimately resent, rather than doing what their heart says. Believe me when I tell you, this is all too frequent a new members story!

So how is our method different?

Our memberships are 1 fee for life. Everything is accessible 24/7 and backed up by a powerful support network.

Our extraordinary members spend far less PLUS have the money left over to help you expand and simplify your private practice. Our only purpose is to show you how to attain professional fulfillment AND financial freedom, even in today’s very challenging environment.

We know for sure that unless doctors are willing to effectively deal with all the challenges we face today they will continue to be stressed out, and remain professionally and financially drained, or worse.

Remember, the only lasting  joy in practice comes from knowing you make an enormous difference in the lives of your patients, and leaving your office every night, knowing the world and your family is better off for the service you delivered today.

With that said,  I welcome you to begin really living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Patti Hayes, CEO, Perfcet Practice Web, LLC

From Our Clients…

“Why would you pay another consultant thousands of dollars, plus travel expenses, for you and your staff, lose income being out of your office or quality time with your family (weekends, vacations, etc) when you can have all the Practice Building information through Perfect Practice Web at an affordable rate and no hidden expenses with all the support to create the life and practice of your dreams now!” *
Dr Rick

“One year ago my office was in the middle of what could be called nothing else but a “meltdown”. My office manager of 12 years had retired and we had hired a person who not only couldn’t get along with my staff but also cost me tens of thousands of dollars due to incorrect billing mistakes….at the time I was considering closing the office. I was referred to Dr. Hayes and the Perfect Practice just in time! He encouraged me to stick it out and showed me systems that not only smoothed out my staffing problems but quickly put in place a turn key system that has increased our profits and more than anything else, lowered my overall stress in practice. Thanks John!” *
Dr Eric

“You presented solid, success-building principles. Thank you for giving us your time!” *
Dr Sharron

“Having consulted with Dr. Hayes at least once a week for the past five plus years, I can tell you that his procedures and ideas can help you create the practice and the life that you seek. I am proof that his consulting is powerful. Utilizing many of the approaches that he will share with you, I was able to achieve financial independence and retire from practice at age fifty four! The last five years that I was in practice I only worked 22 hours a week, taking Fridays off, and I enjoyed six weeks a year of vacation. If you are tired of having your practice run your life and want to get back in control, then he has a ton of practical tools and knowledge that will put your life and practice back on track. He has an amazing grasp on ways to simplify the complexities of practice. His effective use of technology alone is worth the price of admission. His unique methods of staffing his office will save you money, time, and frustration. He has a strong desire to help other chiropractors decrease their stress and increase their happiness. He has assembled a team of experts to help you create the practice of your dreams. Best of all his ethics are impeccable and you can use any and all of his information and techniques without compromising yourself. I highly recommend that you take one of his teleseminars so that you can regain control of your practice and your life.” *
Dr Jim 

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. John Hayes for many years. Over that time I have been consistently amazed at not just the clinical acumen he developed, but at the super efficient and easy office management systems he has developed. He practices, as do I, in a comprehensive family practice which draws many types of patients and corresponding payment plans. His use of note systems coupled with the office flow really makes even the more complicated practices easy to manage. Dr. Hayes has been able to take more time off, with more balance in his life, while running a highly successful practice, (emotionally satisfying and profitable) than anyone I have known in 25 years. He is innovative and highly practical in solving office management and system problems. He has a very strong focus on getting results. In my consultations with him, I have experienced quantum leaps, not just in performance, but in the business applications that have propelled me into a truly profitable and less stress filled practice.” *
Dr Mike

“I thought it was me up front talking! Dr. Hayes has a practice philosophy that is identical to my own. It is encouraging to know I am not the only one out there. Keep up the good work.” *
Dr Curt

*Results will vary depending upon your effort an commitment to change…