Identifying key or core basic habits of private practice owners goes a long way towards helping us become more successful.

There are all types of social evidence along these lines but now there is good scientific evidence that our nervous systems respond in kind to habits and very specific behavior patterns.
This also helps explain why clinicians in private practice who are successful continue to be successful throughout their entire career.
Unfortunately, it also explains why unsuccessful practice and personal patterns often continue until a major crisis occurs.
So what are some of these most successful habits and routines?
And what about the impact of stress and other outside forces on our habits in our daily schedules?
Here’s the deal. Sociologists and human performance experts now know that our personal habits most especially our diet, exercise, and stress control are predictors of other successful habits more so than any other basic human functions.
Now philosophers and success gurus have told us this for years but now there’s scientific proof and evidence that this is in fact reality!
And when you think about the conversations you have with your patients every day in your practice, it makes sense doesn’t it?
As it turns out there’s a whole set of events that occur when proper habits are followed.
This includes a more regimented approach towards managing internal affairs such as personal finances and practice production numbers etc.
Strong personal habits also help give us the resilience necessary to build enduring and profitable careers.
And this of course also explains why proper coaching and consulting can be so successful. Working on these key issues and behaviors in a supportive environment can help us all achieve unparalleled levels of satisfaction, as well as financial achievement.
Identifying these key or core basic habits of private practice owners goes along way towards helping us become successful more than any other single effort.
Habits are also like muscles, if you don’t use them, you can lose them very quickly.
As you know just as in human physiology that can be disastrous.
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