One of the most important, often ignored things in busy private practices is the amount of information in relationship building to take place in the initial visit.

Doctor taking notes about patient
Too often in today’s private practices we feel rushed or more focused on EMR and making sure all key compliance components of the EM codes are in place, instead of getting to know everything we need to learn to best help our patients.
Today, anyone who is successful in private practice knows these pressures are real.
But there are strategies you can learn that will help tremendously.
It is so important to let patients know from the beginning exactly how to communicate with you. In fact, the more communication, the better. This does not mean that you need to personally do this but you must have systems in place in order to gather and then research provided information to learn everything you possibly can about your new patient.
Today’s most powerful and profitable private practices have mechanisms and systems in place that allow free flow but also private forms of communication.
But you must take the first step and make sure your team properly knows how to gather and get the most crucial pieces of information to you in a timely manner.
Ideally, the more you can learn about your particular patient before you even see and evaluate (especially treat), the more accurate your diagnosis and the better the clinical outcome!
Make no mistake about this! This is what private practice is all about. This is why patients bypass the public system oftentimes spending thousands of dollars out of their own pocket.
Don’t miss these crucial and now essential first steps toward building a more powerful private practice.
Learn all you can but most especially participate in the most appropriate private practice expansion programs and be sure to take action.
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