Adding Preventive Services to Your Private Practice

Adding preventive services to your private is one of the most important things that you can do.

Establish yourself as a community leader by adding preventive services to your private practice. For example, weight-loss strategy groups and self-care classes done inside your practice and outside in your community can go along way towards building you as healthcare authority.
The most important thing however is to carefully plan out your strategy.
For example, I have always maintained that if I were going to bring a class or presentation to a group or organization they need to reciprocate in kind.
At the very least, you should be able to bring business cards, post flyers and leave brochures etc. There should be no problem asking for referrals.
By designing a strategy this way all parties benefit. There is a real reciprocation rather than a one-way street.
Unfortunately, too many private practice owners undervalue their time and thus waste vast amounts of energy on referral sources that never will develop.
So where do you begin?
As always, begin with a written game plan and strategy.
One of the most important things you can do is research first. You should be reading your hometown newspapers, doing local web searches, and surveying your patients etc.
All this will provide valuable information for you to ultimately develop a powerful game plan to work from.
Ask patients in your own practice as well as those from your fellow referral medical professionals what types of patient training programs they would like to see.
Some examples include early morning stretching and yoga classes, chronic pain control groups that you sponsor and train exclusively in as well as the time tested, twice monthly healthcare classes for all new patients.
Whatever it is you embark upon make sure it is well worth your time and effort but most especially, that these programs provide something special and engaging for your patients and your community.
As Walt Disney once said, make sure it’s so powerful that ‘patients can’t resist telling other patients!’
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