Far too often we find the #privatepractice owners are targeted for one reason or another.

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One of the most important things about running any particular business but most especially a private practice in healthcare, in this day and age is compliance.
There’s compliance with federal laws a well as state laws, which vary greatly and change from time to time. Nonetheless we still encounter in private consulting private practices who are walking a fine line either with made up for antiquated policies.
This can really come back to haunt you greatly.
Unfortunately, it also opens you up to all types of liability. Even relatively small practices think sometimes they are immune from lawsuits, government intrusions etc.
Here’s a little wake up call, no one is immune to state laws or federal laws!
As a consultant, every day we get to see the affects these actions have on private practice owners lives. Perhaps you have been even confronted by some of these issues.
This is likely not the topic you want to read first thing on Monday. But I will tell you as the owner of your practice it’s something you need to be aware of and discuss openly and frequently with your visors. Like all good CEOs, you have got to have a team you can call on. This is your future! if you haven’t learned to cover your ASSets this is the time to do so.
Start by taking an inventory of policies and systems that need to be in place. Now of course there are numerous patient care standards and issues but beyond that you often need to look at policies  includes hiring, firing, HIPAA, bio-hazard etc.
Depending upon where you live depends on how many and how strict rules and regulations are. Often times your states website can be a valuable resource of information. But above all, unless you are an attorney, get some professional assistance and help in this regard.
You’ll sleep better and practice much more freely.
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