A key business skill is pricing and collecting for your services appropriately.

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If you work inside a public health system this article is not for you.
Here at Perfect Practice Web, our concern is helping those who have decided to stick it out in the private sector delivering healthcare services to their community directly day in and day out.
It is a sad fact that physicians and other healthcare providers often times have been vilinized by the press as overpaid uncaring professionals.
Now of course as with any profession you will find some of this for sure. But the bottom line is that most are dedicated professionals with years of schooling whom have given up massive amounts of their personal lives to help the patients they serve every single day.
But many end up unfulfilled as so many private practice owners lack both the freedom and income to support this professional life style, which is so essential in todays world.
It doesn’t make a difference what letters come after your name.
It’s no secret this is now more challenging than ever before.
Why though?
Despite the fact of massive government and third-party rules, regulations, reimbursement, and schedules, many private practice owners continue to thrive.
But why do so many find it’s so difficult or worse yet, fail in private practice? Nowadays it’s because of the lack of effective marketing and most especially the lack of current or inappropriate business skills. One of these key business skills is pricing and collecting for your services appropriately.
Harsh words? Yes, of course. Make no mistake about it this is your future! AND IT’S THE COURSE YOU CHOSE FOR YOURSELF!
Remind yourself every day that it is a decision to stay in private practice or to try and secure a job in the public sector.
So why not fix what’s currently not working in your practice today?
Provide yourself and your family with the future you so deserve. Make a decision now to get the business help you need to order to move forward in a constructive and profitable way!
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