But don’t mistake the title either. Those of us who’ve been in private practice for a longer time understand the numerous challenges we face every day.

Furthermore, the sheer amount of challenges and personal responsibility needed to be truly effective and profitable has risen dramatically in the last 10 years.
Now, not all this is bad!
Certainly things like patient privacy and advances in EMR, which are too often burdensome to implement can interfere with overall “quality” of health care.
Without essential systems we tend to spend more time on these tasks rather than hands-on time with our patients.
All of this can become an interference with your chief goal, which as the CEO should be first and foremost to ensure excellence in care and adequate in-patient time.
But you must also set aside and engage in continuous private practice expansion, profitability, and serving the needs of your community.
The real reason too many find private practice difficult is the sheer lack of organized and focused business plans.
You know what? It’s not your fault.
This is simply because most of us do not have any training or backgrounds in the business of private practice.
And in today’s private practice, this hurts substantially.
The fact of the matter is now more than ever, maintaining profitability and growth in private practice demands a higher skill set and entrepreneurial vision.
This also requires taking care of each and every facet necessary. For example; basic compliance is a project in and of itself.
Staffing is another huge issue which far too many have little or no experience or training in.
The good news is all of these skills are learnable.
But you must remain teachable and seek out proper systems and guidance.
But most of all you need to carve out a unique place for your private practice, to ensure future prosperity of yourself and your family.
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