One of the most challenging and difficult things about running any business let alone a private practice which has such continuous contact with the public, patients, staff, and patient care emergencies is the management of our personal time.

father using laptop as son jumps on sofaBut after consulting with hundreds of private practice owners I can tell you this: Unless you take charge and decide exactly when you see and do not see patients manage staff perform your ancillary duties and the like, practice will be stressful, and unproductive.
The reasons for this in health care of course are legendary.
We live in an age of constant distraction. Never ending potential interference to our days, everything from the telephone, to cell phones, to social media, to sales reps and staff interruptions etc.
In fact in all walks of life businesses, cultures and countries it now takes a much higher dose of self-discipline to maintain your proper schedule.
One of the most essential things to understand is this downtime is actually necessary for your personal growth and development.
We must also fully understand the effects of continuous distraction on our own nervous systems.
The bottom line, is it is not healthy.
So here’s where I’d recommend you begin. Start with a time assessment of your practice day. See what you can do to practice tighter scheduling, and set times for all the potential encounters you may have including things such as attending to phone calls, reports, staff meetings etc.
Unless you approach your business in this way, you will find moving forward to be extremely difficult.
It’s highly unlikely that the amount of distractions we are faced with on a regular basis will decline significantly.
In fact, they’re likely to increase, so unless you put your foot down now and decide when and how you’re going to use your days, and your most productive personal and private practice time.
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